If you are looking to send a text message you have come to the right place. Sending a text message can be done in a few ways. Before engaging in texting, you should be aware the fees apply to both the sender of text messages and to the person receiving them. Some messaging plans offer you unlimited texting, and even picture and video mail. If you plan on doing a lot of text messages, you may want to consider a bundled type plan.

If you are sending a lot of texts through your phone, you may want to get a device with a full QWERTY keyboard or a virtual touch QWERTY keyboard. It makes texting much faster as you don’t have to hit keys multiple times to get the character you want. However, if you are used to a regular phone, it will take some time to adjust.

How to Send Free SMS

How to Send Free SMS

Another option is to send a text message online. This offers some benefits, but also some limitations. The benefit is you can easily type an online text message on your computer keyboard. It could be especially helpful if your eye site is poor since you can see what you are typing on a larger screen.

Now for the negative, you will need to identify yourself as this message will not be coming from your phone number or cell phone plan. Also, the person receiving your text will not be able to easily respond to you since they can’t just reply to your message. If you are going to send text messages online, make sure the person you are sending it to know it is you, and make sure they don’t need to respond.


Send and receive text messages for free

If you are new to texting, you may want to learn the text lingo. There are many abbreviations people use when texting. If you have done instant messaging in the past, many of these text acronyms are the same, although there are hundreds of them that most people who send text messages regularly probably don’t even know. If you are trying to decipher a message, there are sites that can help you. Some examples of the abbreviations are LOL for laughing out loud, ADN for any day now, BBFN for bye bye for now, or CWOT for complete waste of time. You do not have to use these, but you may want to learn or reference them if you plan to do a lot of texting."