A colleague recently brought up the benefits of having multiple temporary email addresses. It’s an odd theory if you think about it, but take a second to hear me out. I am not talking about multiple email address as in your personal and work email. What I am talking about is several personal emails. Why you ask… well, let me explain his theory.

This colleague has two temp email addresses that he uses and reads on a daily basis. The first email address is one in which his friend and family use to contact him. He links his important accounts including his bank, utilities, credit cards, etc. to and any other critical company he depends on. The second email address he uses for what he calls “junk” email. His description of junk email includes any email offers, online shopping sites that require addresses, sign up for resturants that require email address, etc.


This theory of two disposable email addresses has its benefit, but if you think about it in terms of scams. Is this an indication the he is subjected himself to twice as many potential email scam daily? I guess unless we asked for actual numbers it would be something we would just have to assume.