This is a list of sites that the community considers to be prime "must have" sites for the first crawl of the web. We are aiming for around 35 million URLs in the first index, which is of course very small (more to come soon of course!). This is a list of URLs (and notes about each of them) that should evolve to be a generally accepted consensus of a good starting point of sites that should be deep crawled and included.

The list is divided into 3 groups. You can loosely think of these as "top ten", "top 50" (i.e. 40 more sites) and "top 100" (i.e. 50 more sites), but to avoid pointless edit warring, there is no need to stick too rigidly to "10" things in the first rank. The idea though is just to get some kind of rough prioritized list.

Sites should be good content sites, as opposed to seed sites. They should be the kind of thing people will want to find in a good quality search result. The "must have" sites. A section at the bottom will list good "seed" sites in the sense of "sites with good external links but which are not really destination sites themselves".

Contents Edit

  • 1 Class I
    • 1.1 websites in many different languages
    • 1.2 websites in English language
    • 1.3 websites in Portuguese language
    • 1.4 websites in German languages
    • 1.5 websites in Italian language
  • 2 Class II
    • 2.1 websites in many different languages
    • 2.2 websites in English language
    • 2.3 websites in German languages
  • 3 Class III
    • 3.1 websites in many different languages
    • 3.2 websites in English language
    • 3.3 websites in French language
    • 3.4 websites in Italian language
    • 3.5 websites in Spanish language
    • 3.6 websites in German languages
    • 3.7 websites in Dutch language
  • 4 Directory sites with good external links (seed sites)
  • 5 User-driven sites with many external links
    • 5.1 Blog sites
    • 5.2 Online Community
  • 6 International Education Portals
  • 7 Religion
  • 8 Trustworthy Health and Science sites
  • 9 Commercial interests
  • 10 Best online dictionaries
  • 11 Other
  • 12 Associations

Class I Edit

websites in many different languages Edit

  • * – Some hundred thousand more articles in different languages so wikia search will not be seen as en-only-engine
    • * - 2,500,000 words in the largest languages on Earth
    • * - our Google News
    • *
  • - except the wayback machine
  • citizendium - I guess you all know what this is
  • (Movies) Short Video-Clips, mostly homemade
  • Social Network
  • Photo's, Pictures
  • LibraryThing - books (including data from libraries around the world, and user-provided content)
  • - relatively few links to other sites, solid content site - normally it has links out to sites that relate to a particular story
  • * This is one of most POV-sites I know; It sure has its value but IMHO it's not suitable for class I.
  • - Good for movies... is this the best choice? What else to include in this category? Not very useful as a crawl seed, since it has essentially zero links to other sites, good content site.
  • - Open Source software development web site. Coming from the open source area, I think this is one that can't be missed -- this has few external links
Are and good choices for Class I? They really do not fit the good content (ie information) category as they are more of consumer e-commerce sites. Joe Jaxx 16:46, 31 December 2007 (UTC)
I tend to agree with you on Ebay but not Amazon. Amazon has a lot of useful reviews and such like that. However, I don't want anyone to accuse me of conflict of interest (Amazon is an investor in Wikia), so I defer to others. Certainly both Amazon and Ebay should be spidered, but whether they are top priority or not is a good question.----Jimbo Wales 22:53, 7 January 2008 (UTC)
Why should Ebay be spidered? What else expect auctions is on their site? It should be included in the index if someone search for auctions but why spider all of their offers as well when there is so much out there which isn't spidered? -- 13:22, 8 January 2008 (UTC)
This is the reason I think, bookzilla is at the right place here.
  • * - what are some important subdomains and are there some to avoid? One important sub domain is
  • - Excellent general reference source. Even though it is a subscription service, the first article is usually free when linked to.
  • - huge archive with more than 77.700 (over 1.000 new papers per month) scientific texts (February 2008), such as research projects, theses, dissertations, and academic essays. The authors are free to decide if they receive monetary benefits from their work, or to simply contribute their publication for the use of others. From 'aerospace technology', ... 'economics', ... 'health science', 'physics' ... to 'women studies / gender studies'. Available languages: german/english/ soon: french/spanish
  • - Euregio Rhine-Waal aims at removing obstacles caused by inner-european borders. INTERREG IIIA

websites in English language Edit

  • CNN
  • - Articles generally have good links to relevant content even if its only in the site.
  • kuro5hin - a collaborative web magazine. Articles are created and submitted by Kuro5hin's users and submitted to queue for evaluation.

websites in Portuguese language Edit

  • Globo - website with news, entertainment and sports
  • Uol
  • Orkut - the most acessed social comunity in portuguese
  • Wikipédia - enciclopedia

[edit]websites in German languages Edit

  • * - a very popular german news site about almost everything of the it industry
  • Germany's most popular televison newscast (online edition is increasingly popular) by the first public broadcaster "ARD" (comparable to the "BBC").
  • Site of the second public German news-station "ZDF" (comparable to the "BBC").
  • - German and European news, analysis and multimedia from Deutsche Welle - in 30 languages
  • - "Spiegel Online", a German Weblog (former online edition of the former most important German news magazine "Der Spiegel").
  • bookzilla - 5% of their income goes to the Free Software Foundation Europe
and I actually can't see why this page should be a good choice either.... Zierfish
  • - the most popular news site about Linux in Germany

[edit]websites in Italian language Edit

  • Italian Social Network

[edit]Class II Edit

[edit]websites in many different languages Edit

  • Free Software Foundation Europe
  • Open Source Initiative
  • Eletronic Frontier Foundation - the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world.
  • UNO - The United Nations
    • The UN high commissioner for human rights has a separate web site
  • - European Union
  • CERN - Scientif information and links
  • *

[edit]websites in English language Edit

  • [htto:// *] - Censolution, organize the fight against censor
  • * — The GNU project (FSF)
  • * — non-GNU software hosted by the FSF
  • - list of many Linux distributions lots of links to external sites, voted one of best sites on web.
  • - Linux trouble solution. I propose ubuntuforums because I know there is a lot of activity there, but feel free to chose another, what I point out is to have something for Linux troubleshooting.
  • British Library
  • - Information on open access, free access to scientific knowlegde
  • One Laptop per Child initiative
  • Photos, videos and interesting places on GoogleMaps, user-driven]
  • -- good entry point to the technical side of the Web
  • The Pirate party The Swedish Pirate partys homepage
  • PP International - "Pirates" all around the world
  • The pirate bay - The worlds biggest torrent tracker
  • - a wikistyle street map
  • World Organisation of the Scout Movement - The largest youth movement on earth
  • british newspaper with lots of international news.
  • - a complete listing of all nytimes articles
  • - en site for gaming media
  • - statistics of nearly every game
  • - news site about mobile gaming
  • Jamendo - The most popular Free Music/Creative Commons Music label]
  • - Music label, CC-licensed middle-quality previews
  • The Numbers - movie database with fairly detailed info on about 10,000 of the top US and international movies. A decent selection of outbound links.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - database of movie reviews. Lots of outbound links to movie review sites, and some others.
  • VideoJug: Life Explained. On Film - VideoJug hosts one of the world's largest, most all-encompassing libraries of factual video content online.
  • - not really yet a "top tier" website, but has some decent stuff that is likely relevant to our visitors. Plus Jason is a friend and supporter of the project. :-)
So what? It's this sort of insider baseball thing that will cripple wikia. Is Wikia really about who you know?
Actually I wrote that as more of a joke, because Jason is not really a supporter of the project, but a competitor who likes to troll on the mailing list in favor of his proprietary alternative. :) But I like Jason nevertheless, and he seems to enjoy tweaking me, so this was just a way of teasing him back. (I assume he is looking at this, but I could be wrong.)----Jimbo Wales 00:09, 27 December 2007 (UTC)
  • deviantART - The largest art community site in the world, maybe even has potential for class I
  • - A directory of wonderful things
  • - Free, libre sheet music site
  • - History today and every day - Today in History covers historical topics, events, personalities and celebrities over time and history
  • - Although this site appears at first glance to be single subject centered (the Tour du Mont Blanc), it actually contains a wealth of information for novice walkers wishing to embrace wilderness walking. In particular it provides a lot of practical kit advice and as a non-commecial site is well worth white-listing.
  • Gamespot - video gaming website
  • IGN - video gaming website
  • Polylog
  • Waterjet web reference - Information about waterjet cutting machines

[edit]websites in German languages Edit

  • * - The largest german community about Ubuntu Linux
  • - a german news site about IT
  • - One of the most important german newspapers (Orientation: Traditional)
  • taz - Important Left/Alternative German newspaper.
  • Sueddeutsche Zeitung - German Daily Newspaper.
  • - a german site with it-news and downloads
  • - Very important german newspaper.
  • - a german news site about IT
  • - german moviebase - pretty good critics and layout
  • - a german news site about gaming
  • - german magazine site - more than 4.500
  • - another german news site about gaming
  • Wikiweise - fork of the German Wikipedia
  • - awesome german site for hardware reviews
  • - The world of stickinsects - A huge site with lots of information about phasmids.
  • Gulli - important German cracker board (news, magazine, forum, etc.)
  • Fotocommunity - popular community for photographers in different languages
  • - German website about distributed computing.

[edit]Class III Edit

[edit]websites in many different languages Edit

  • European Union - official gateway to the EU and all of its publications in different languages (and you'll never be able to find anything without search)
  • Useful and well-structured page with all kind of information concerning amateur radio. Mixed German and English content.
  • - Multlingva Informcentro pri Esperanto
  • Tom's Hardware - A popular site for News about Hardware- releases/tests, Software.. and so on. Translated in common languages
  • - België - Belgique - Belgien

[edit]websites in English language Edit

  • UK government - Hubsite for the UK government covering public service information, government services and contact information for departments
  • British Red Cross - News from the humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies.
  • - The home page of RFC(Request For Clarification, a whitepaper.) Editor.
  • Wikivoyage
  • - Greenpeace International law
  • - FAQ and cheats and many more info about video games
  • - The online voice of Yoga.
  • Belize Interactive Google Map - For Tourists
  • Type A Diversions - Popular Food and Travel website based in Portland, Maine
  • - Online gaming forums, downloads, news and modifications.
  • - HowStuffWorks very good howtos
  • - photography resource
  • - Direct photo mosaic generator
  • Video Game Media Archive - Contains thousands of video game box art scans, title screenshots & in-game snapshots.
  • - free e-book-download. for the necessary historical component -- terrible seed, no outside links
  • - Motorsport Magazin German motorsport magazine that covers all relevant racing series.
  • - smaller than sourceforge but IMHO still worthy. Many open source here too.
  • - I think this one is #1 on a popular subject
  • LIbrary of Congress, Washington.
  • - big collection of computer related howto's
  • - source of many HOWTOs, not only for Gentoo; has quite a few external links
  • - vLex is a commercial legal research mega-site providing thousands of primary and secondary law sources from 94 countries and jurisdictions (you have to buy the documents you can find on it)
  • NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Some BL information
  • techcrunch - lists many web companies
  • Snopes Urban Legends
  • FoeBuD - Very famous German privacy organisation
  • The Darwin Awards
  • - has links to product review sites. Each review site is human verified to have genuine informative content before getting linked to.
  • Ars Technica - An English language tech news and articles site
  • - A simple site with beautiful images... you can also easily post pictures yourself
  • - The social music revolution
  • bugmenot - logins for websites that require you to register
  • OSNews - Operating Systems News
  • Ubuntu Wiki - A lot about Ubuntu and other stuff like packaging applications.
  • The Python Papers - A free, creative-commons Python journal]
  • - Home brewing, brew pub, and micro brewery information, website based in Portland, Oregon
  • Reviews of Film, Game, Book and more. Reviews are based on scores from lots of reviews sites.
  • - Extensive source on Brazil and the Brazilian culture
  • Erowid - Premier drug information site about all kinds of legal and illegal, natural and synthesized drugs
  • - Pagina para iniciarse en ubuntu con información muy valida.
  • - Many informations about making pictures
  • - The Engineer Online. Fortnightly magazine on engineering & emerging technology.
  • Technical Translation, Proofreading and Rewriting A portal for freelance technical translation from English and Spanish to French
  • Food, Fitness, & Weight Loss Simple Weight Provides Current Calorie and Nutrition Data for Foods and Fitness Activities.
  • ZCommunications Website of ZNet, ZMag, etc (major progressive newspaper)
  • Jakob Nielsen's Website. Many articles about usability.

[edit]websites in French language Edit

  • CEA LIST - Lab of applied research on software-intensive technologies

[edit]websites in Italian language Edit

  • - Italian most known e-newspaper on tech topics
  • - Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani (Boy Scouts of Italy)

[edit]websites in Spanish language Edit

  • Juegos Abandonware Spanish web site with laws.
  • Noticias Jurídicas Spanish web site with laws.
  • BarraPunto One of the most important Spanish weblogs. Spanish version of SlashDot.
  • - One of the most important Spanish Board Game Club. The Official website.

[edit]websites in German languages Edit

full text repositories/online libraries

  • Projekt Gutenberg DE -digitalization effort/ebook)
  • eLib Projekt (eLibrary Austria) -digitalization effort/ebook
  • - huge German online library (literature, philosophy, ...)] -1 million URLs excluding Wikipedia, crawler-friedly with sitemap_index.xml and robots.txt
  • Anthology of Legends (around 20000 etexts)
  • German Wikisource
  • SOPHIE - Digital Library of Works by German-Speaking Women

full text online lexica

  • Austria Lexikon
  • Biographisch-bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (Church Lexicon)


  • - most important german dictionary


  • Austrian Legal Information System (RIS) - all legal texts online


  • [1] - German Railways
  • Chaos Computer Club - A very popular Hacker, data protection, civil rights/liberty organisation
  • golem - German IT- and Entertainment Technology news site
  • Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - German governmental center of political education (the major part of the information is available at no cost, a lot of it is even Free Content)
  • All about Austria A comprehensive non-profit information site about Austria
  • Austria's new knowledge platform Similar to Citizendium
  • News from public service TV of Austria - A news site that has not changed its layout over the years - simply because it has found the best way to present news on the web
  • - German phonebook
  • Bundessozialgericht - official website of the german federal court for social affairs
  • - website about jurisdiction in social affairs in Germany
  • Free Stevia- german language page about the plant Stevia rebaudiana and its effects.
  • Building Biology The German Institute of Building Biology + Ecology Neubeuern (IBN) with objective information and to offer a holistic approach to building biology and in its teaching
  • Atomaustieg selber machen - German initiative to promote the use of ecologically generated power.
  • Ökostrom von LichtBlick Green Power for any customers
  • Grüne Jugend - Website of the German green Party
  • - Politics Website of Germany
  • - Free Material Database.
  • - Your Youtube downloader and converter
  • Stiftung Bride - Bürgerrechte in der digitalen Gesellschaft, Bridge Foundation - Civil Rights in a digital World
  • Humanistische Union - One of the oldest German civil rights organisation
  • - German website with lots of information about Munich!
  • Scientific German information about pedophilia
  • JIZ München - Youth Information Centre Munich
  • Automatic Position Reporting System in the Amateur Radio Service. Extensive source of information, in German.
  • DARC - German Amateur-Radio-Club, representing Germany's radio amateurs
  • Knusperflockenstammtisch Köln - Not big but nice to have for so called Ossis in Cologne ;)
  • Stadtwiki Dresden
  • leifi physik - German physics site for pupils with many experiments and exercises
  • - A German site about adventure games
  • Vegetarier-net
  • Vegetarierbund
  • - German test magazine about printers and consumables
  • - German printing cost calculator for laser and inkjet

[edit]websites in Dutch language Edit

  • - A dutch website where people can compare insurances.
  • - The leading dutch searchengine marketing firm
  • - A dutch financial website with price comparison tools.
  • - A German website with a few thousand articles about law
  • - A Dutch website with articles and publications about politics, sociology and other society-related issues

[edit]Directory sites with good external links (seed sites) Edit

  • Discount Codes
  • - Is there another starting place?
  • Discount Codes & Vouchers
  • - German mobile search engine
  • - spanish delicious
  • - German source about patent related matters
  • - Italian Law
  • - Ohio businesses
  • Rhein-Neckar-Guide - A local Gastronomy and Leisure Linklist in German
  • - Austrian tourism site
  • - Professional Photographers Website Index / Germany
  • - Product Database +1M products
  • - compares prices for lots of products, Austria-based, in German.
  • - compares prices for lots of products, Germany-based.
  • - For selected Turkish sites only
  • - Hungarian news portal, with such a lot external link
  • - ' '
  • - An external link collector site in Hungary
  • - Another external link collectro site in Hungary
  • - Largest Dutch directory
  • - Free real estate listing site
  • - Romanian traffic top
  • - Spanish free hotel directory
  • - Debian Planet
  • - Schulfreundfinder
  • - South African Web Directory
  • - French directory based on web audience
  • - Ubuntu Planet
  • - Largest in Norway
  • - Safe Search for children.
  • - Electrical Power Plant User Groups
  • - International equestrian directory.
  • Welt der Links

[edit]User-driven sites with many external links Edit

  • - travel related journals
  • - lots of pages with quite a few external links
  • - lots of content made public blogs, photoalbums, videos.
  • - lots of content made public like photoalbums
  • - german site - equivalent to facebook
  • - lots of external links to search engine industry articles and news
  • - lots of pages with quite a few external links
  • - Site specialized in mountain links
  • - German Social Bookmarking Site
  • - Environmental Social Media Site
  • - German social Bookmark Service

These tend to be biased toward techies.

  • -- a variety of links
  • French social bookmark and search
  • - Users post a lot of interesting links
  • - Like Digg but spanish
  • - Like Digg but German
  • - Shopping
  • The largest website with informations about graphics technology from S3 Graphics
  • - Open source applications and themes.
  • - Directory of applications.
  • - Pownce - social microblogging - lots of user posts.
  • - Users post a lot of interesting links
  • - social media aggregation
  • - Huge Article Directory
  • - private Homepage with many links to different topics
  • - links / news pertaining to software development
  • [2] - lots of external links to carnaval in Maastricht (Dutch citie)

[edit]Blog sites Edit

Is there a way to use technorati data or similar to get just the most "important" blogs for this first run?

  • .mactomster - mac, mobiles & more...
  • .mactomster iSync Plugins your home of isync plugins
  • - Information and resources in Spanish about Bluetooth technology
  • - Information and resources in Spanish about GPS devices
  • * - High quality blogs, including those of CNN, People, Fox, Flickr, GigaOM, and hundreds of thousands of others. Happy to provide a list of the top blogs by traffic, if it'd be useful. I can also do the same for blogs running our stats plugin, like Mashable.
  • All about modeling How to become a model,models community blog
  • - Japanese blog site
  • - important german blog hoster based on the free software antville
  • * - Blogging system from based on livejournal.
  • - Hungarian blog site (almost the biggest one)
  • - Hungarian blog site
  • - Hungarian blog site
  • Blog site
  • - South African Blog Site
  • - Spanish Blogs
  • - Spanish Blogs
  • * - Free Blog Hosting System.
  • * - Blogging system based on Movable Type.
  • - Blog Casanare Tiene Gente Legal, Espacio para discutir los desarrollos politicos y atacar la corrupción, como practica sana de gente profesional en CASANARE.
  • - Wiktor Mozalewski broke the schoolrecord at Malmo Hogskola, TELMah (in time) with this page.
  • - German blog for readers - Für Leseratten
  • - German blog for Apple Things - Einer der besseren Apfelseiten :)
  • [3]
  • [4] - German blog on culture, language and art
  • Hessentagsblogger - German blog focused on Hessentag 2008 in Homberg Efze
  • * Blog of EMT working in London, informative, interesting
  • [5] - Japan
  • Internationnal blogs engine
  • Over 50,000 travel blogs with rich, user-generated travel information.
  • Environmental blog with spin on positive news
  • iPhone 3G French blog about the Apple iPhone 3G (under blogger)

[edit]Online Community Edit

Forum / Chat

  • A Community for people who like party with forum, chat, Gallery
  • RRC: Rhino Info A Community portal for anything related to Rhinoceros. has a forum , lots of images, references and links.
  • Serbian Portal and Community
  • - wirf dich nicht weg...
  • - Politikforum Deutschland
  • Popular site for Linux-users in Sweden
  • - Digital Point Forums
  • ศาลานกน้อย - นิตยสารออนไลน์และกระดานเสวนา
  • community chat
  • Dutch Community of Zandvoort
  • community
  • Forest Community
  • l South Germany Dating Event and Party
  • Showbiz | Television Cult| Tech Reviews | Community
  • The largest community site of The Netherlands
  • Participation tool for deliberation
  • FPGA Community
  • Gothic Chat Community | Forum | Gallery
  • Spanish Site | Forum | Community about the game Super Smash Bros.
  • - one of the largest German communities
  • - free dating site for Spanish speaking countries
  • - free dating site for English speaking countries
  • - free dating site for gay people arround the world
  • - one of the most populated communities for youths in Sweden.
  • - a kind of photodiary, mostly Swedish users
  • - a photodiary in the same style as
  • - Forum über Online-Shop Systeme mit kostenlosem Download.
  • No Te Olvido - A memorial, reenacting and experience site. Spanish.
  • Forum iPhone France - a forum about Apple iPhone. French.

[edit]International Education Portals Edit

  • - Information and tips for international students and researchers interested in studying and researching in Germany.
  • College Toolkit
  • Science Links is a gateway to Japanese Sci-Tech info.
  • NII publishes electronic journals in Japan.
  • J-STAGE computerizes bulletins of academic societies and research papers in Japan.
  • Main site for all universities and such in Sweden
  • A Swedish site full of information about finding schools and more
  • - Home page of World Scout Organisation, lots of links to regional sites and information for young people (?should be be here?)
  • - Education Resources Information Center
  • German
  • - German
  • MIT OpenCourseware - Lots of content; materials from over 1800 MIT courses available online, under CC licenses.
  • Literalia. Hundreds of reviews about classical and modern literature. - Spanish
  • Técnica Literaria. Technical resources for writers. - Spanish
  • ODS Regionalserver der Fachhochschule Köln Abt. Gummersbach

[edit]Religion Edit


  • Catholic Church
    • Vatican, Rome, Italy - Information and reference on the Catholic Church
  • Eastern Orthodox Church
    • Orthodox Church in America - Information and reference on the Eastern Orthodox Church, mainly in the Russian tradition)
    • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - Information and reference on the Eastern Orthodox Church in Greek tradition
    • Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Information and reference on the Eastern Orthodox Church in Syrian tradition
  • Church of Christ
    • Church of Christ Network - Information and reference on the church of Christ
    • Locate a Church of Christ near you Enter your zip code to find a local church of Christ
    • Church of Christ Online
  • New Apostolic Church / Neuapostolische Kirche
    • NAK International
    • NAK Germany
    • NAK Hessen/Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland
    • NAK Ludwigshafen
    • NAK Ludwigshafen Jugendblatt
  • Uniting Church in Australia
    • Uniting Church in Australia gateway
  • Biblical expository/exegesis
    • Sermons for Today


  • islam muslim people site
    • muslim people site



  • Oomoto
    • Oficial Oomoto Site
    • Tryte Oomoto Page


  • Church of Emacs

Do we really need this many religious sites?

[edit]Trustworthy Health and Science sites Edit

I think at least one of these should go in Class 1, but I don't have strong feelings as to which one.

  • Mayo Clinic - There are paid ads, but lots of reliable health content as well.
  • National Institute of Health - Health information from the U.S. government
  • PubMed Central - Free archive of peer-reviewed life science research.
  • Public Library of Science - Open access peer-reviewed science journals
  • - By Cancer Research Scientists
  • - German health link portal, handpicked

[edit]Commercial interests Edit

These are business which are not appearing in the index: Druckerei für Bürobedarf und Papier Schreibwaren

  • [[17]] travel-ami
  • [18] ferienexplorer
  • [19] | nova media offers cell phone management and internet access software for Macintosh Computers running Mac OS X
  • - german yellowpages and whitepages, maps and directions
  • [21] - dutch Apartments for holyday in Zeeland
  • [22] - Shop für Überwachungs- / Sicherheitstechnik

[edit]Best online dictionaries Edit

This is a list of the best dictionaries on the web:

[edit]Other Edit

[edit]Associations Edit

  • --- AMARC is the world federation of free radios and is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement, with almost 3000 members and associates in 110 countries.
  • --- The "Bundesverband Freier Radios" (BFR) is the association of free radios in Germany. The BFR, founded in 1994, is a decentralized grass roots democratic organization. The BFR is associated directly with the federations of free radios in German-speaking countries (VFRÖ in Austria, and UNIKOM in Switzerland) and works indirectly with AMARC (the world federation of free radios), Indymedia, and others through individual members.
  • --- The "Verband Freier Radios Österreich" (VFRÖ) is the association of free radios in Austria.
  • --- The "Union Nicht-Kommerzorientierter Lokalradios" (UNIKOM) is the association of free radios in Switzerland.